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5 Weather-Resistant House Siding Options

Homeowners take pride in the exterior of their homes. The siding you choose for your home has multiple purposes; aesthetics being number one on that list. The material you choose must coincide with the architecture and windows of your home.


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Sunny Side Up: Window Designs For Maximum Daylight

A home without windows is unimaginable, right? Windows ventilate your home and make it brighter. They’re a central component of a home’s structure, since they also keep you protected from the elements and break-ins.


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Window Designs for a Modern Home

Revamp and refurbish your home with functional windows that complement the modern home design.

Make sure that the windows are energy-efficient and manufactured using eco-friendly materials that last for a long time.

Invest in windows that’ll insulate your home in the winters and provide fresh air in the summers.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular window designs for modern homes!


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Add Charm to Your Chambers: Bedroom Color Themes

Psychological research proves that color is a powerful force in our lives that has a potent effect on our mind, body, and soul.

While some colors are open to interpretation, certain colors have universal meanings and invoke feelings of warmth, happiness, calmness, cheerfulness, contentment, joy, glee, and pleasure.


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