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Maximizing kitchen space while retaining functionality is our goal with every project. No matter the size of your kitchen, we can create a custom layout to fit your exact needs. We will create cabinet space you never imagined possible, plus customized cabinetry makes a unique statement within your home. Whether it includes custom moldings and door styles, innovative storage solutions or an elegant special finish, details are what Showcase is all about.

Benefits of Custom Cabinets

There are many benefits to having custom cabinets in your home, such as:

  • Improved storage capacity
  • Gives any room a fresh new look
  • Increased aesthetic appeal
  • Increased value to the home

Our Process

Every project starts with us sitting down and discussing your exact needs and budget. From there we will show you a variety of products, designs, and colors. We encourage feedback as your taste and preferences are of the utmost importance. 

Once we establish a budget, we’ll create a design with you in mind and give you a proposed date of completion. From first consultation through completion we maintain constant communication, making sure you know every step of the process. 


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