Have you always dreamed about remodeling your kitchen space but don’t know where to start? Does the thought of even beginning to do it overwhelm you? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are our 5 tips to help you achieve those kitchen renovations you’ve always wanted to make.


One of the reasons kitchen remodels remain a pipe dream for most people is the thought of the massive costs that are associated with them.

While this isn’t untrue, having the right priorities when embarking on one can mean you can have both your dream kitchen, as well as a healthy bank account. It’s important to keep the focus on things that will give you the most peace of mind.

For example, if the grimy sides of your aging commercial stovetop make you rue cooking every day, make custom kitchen remodel your primary goal.

Light Up Your Life

A dreary kitchen work space can be one of the worst day to day experiences you have to deal with. One of the smartest and cheapest life hacks is changing the lights you use.

Steer clear of sterile, lifeless white lights. Put in strong filament bulbs instead. If you really want to be in control of your kitchen lighting, consider getting smart bulbs which support custom hues; matching ambient light can really make the space a joy to be in.

If you’re up for more radical changes, make the windows in your kitchen bigger. Nothing beats ambient light, and a view of the outside can be a refreshing change, especially during an especially stressful cook. It really is one of the more underrated interior design changes you can make to your home lifestyle.

Where There’s Smoke

Renovations aren’t just about the glitz and glamour of what you can see; good plumbing, electrical, and gas work are just as fundamental. You don’t want a leaky gas line or a short circuit to potentially cause damage to your perfect kitchen.

Knowing that you are safe in your kitchen is a very comforting feeling; don’t skimp on this part of your remodel.

Where There’s Smoke

Michelin Star Remodel

Most people make the mistake of thinking the cost of the equipment is the only one they’ll have to bear. This opens you up to having a ton of equipment in your garage, but not knowing the first thing about how to bring and fit it into your kitchen.

Reliable experts to help with both the grunt work of moving things and the precision of installing them into your kitchen are key to a good remodel job. It’s important to know the tasks you can do yourself to save a buck, and the ones you need to outsource to people who do those things every single day.

Space Odyssey

Too many people in the kitchen may not be a desirable circumstance, but if you have a big family, it’s bound to happen. To facilitate those hectic but memorable times, designing for good space maximization is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. It’s not just about what furniture you use, but how you place it.

A central eating table may look great, but if it’s too large, it can make you feel very cramped and boxed in. As mentioned earlier, large windows and good lighting also help in making you feel like there is more room than there is.

Space maximization is also about reducing clutter, and methodically arranging ingredients, utensils, and equipment in a way that makes them both reachable, as well as in a place where you never forget where they are.

Use baskets to organize similar ingredients, label opaque boxes, color-code the insides of your cabinets, this is where you can be the most creative and really make the kitchen you own.


Kitchen remodels and renovation jobs aren’t just a fringe luxury; they can be both affordable and give you transformative daily peace of mind. Whether you’re in Benton, Minden, or Shreveport, give us a call and we’ll make sure you have the kitchen you’ve always deserved in your home.