Given that the average cost of a bathroom remodel ranges between $5,350 and $13,670, you have to consider how much you’re actually willing to spend on a complete home makeover!

Alongside the expense of a home remodel, there are also hidden costs involved, pertaining to structural changes, implementing designs according to building codes and practices, pest and rot control, and subsequent cleanup. With so much to do and not a high enough budget, can you really accomplish your remodel dream affordably?

As a reliable home remodeling and building service in Shreveport LA, Showcase Homes & Remodeling, Inc says yes!

How to Save Money on a Home Remodel

– Think Efficiency, Not Dimensions

Let’s say you want to modify the size of your cabinets so you can have more storage space. Instead of simply increasing the size, you could add pull out drawers and racks so you can use the area in the top half of the cabinets.

If you deal with space issues, it’s a lot better to spend a few thousand bucks on dividers and lazy Susans than spending a small fortune on expanding your cabinet space.

– Bring in Natural Light

Don’t install hidden lights if you already have a great source of light at hand. Speak with a home remodeling contractor about installing features like light tubes or skylights in your home’s existing framework.

– Donate What You Don’t Use

Removing countertop slabs from your kitchen to open up space? Instead of keeping the slabs in storage, donate them to a Habitat for Humanity.

You’ll save space, you’ll have the chance to collect tax credit for the contribution, and you’ll be putting an otherwise completely fine slab to good use.

– Don’t DIY

While many companies recommend DIY demos and remodeling projects, we advise against it. This is because most homeowners might not know how to go about demolishing and remodeling tasks. By taking on a project of this scale, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

The main reason for hiring a contractor is to ensure that the project is completed in due time and without excess splurging. With the reins of the project in your hands, you won’t even realize how difficult the remodeling task has become until it’s too late.

– Consider Similar Fixtures, If Not the Same

If you want a hardwood floor but can’t find it in your price range, consider finding a look alike.

There are plenty of sustainable flooring options that look and feel like true hardwood and are available for reasonable prices. These sheets and planks are worth so much more than the price you pay and are durable and usable for other home features like millwork and cabinetry.

-Consider Similar Fixtures, If Not the Same

Excited about Your Remodel?

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