Remodeling a home is a big decision, and not just in terms of the money you’ll be investing in the process. You will be looking at those new colors, textures and designs every single day, which means you’re investing emotion is this service.

It goes without saying that you should be closely involved in the decision-making process when working with professional remodeling contractors.

To help you get started, we’ve listed seven questions you need to discuss with your contractor before they start working on the project.

1. What’s our timeline?

A timeline is more than just an end-date. It’s a vital piece of information for you to redesign your lifestyle till your remodeling is done. You’re off making meals at home till your kitchen is done. You can’t sleep in your bedroom till the additions are in place and the new paint smell is gone. A remodel affects the way you live, which is why it is imperative that you determine a complete schedule with your project manager.

2. Who will be working here?

Familiarize yourself with the people who will be coming in your home throughout the remodel. Make sure you get the names right for everyone, from the lead carpenter to the painters.

3. How and when will you communicate with me?

With an array of electronic devices at within your reach, communication is not a matter of huge concern during your remodels. However, know that a text message does not provide the satisfaction of a call, and a call does not incorporate visual cues for you convey your ideas precisely. You should know how and when your contractor will be discussing your project with you, and whether or not you are comfortable with their method.

4. How will you keep my home safe and sound?

This is a necessary question to ask if your remodels are extensive enough for you to have to leave your home for a while. The last thing you want to do when you come home is to find your belongings in disarray, with dust and other particulates settled all over your belongings.

Make sure to remove and pack-up all easily-movable belongings such as drapes, vases and books, and make sure that your remodel staff takes the necessary measure to cover and pad everything else.

5. Is there something I should know about?


There’s a likely chance that some part of your remodel concerns your contractor, and you need them to be upfront about it. By running all options—including those in a worst-case scenario—with you, your contractors and subcontractors work more efficiently and give you the much-needed peace of mind.

6. How will you handle change orders?

Change orders should always be tackled in writing. Whether your contractor needs an extra set of tiles, or has to extend the deadline by a day, documenting the changes is a great way to avoid any conflicts along the way.

7. Which documentation will I receive following the end of the project?

Remodeling contracts generally call for some paperwork towards the end, which includes marked-up plans, inspection reports, and more. Other materials include manuals for new equipment, contact details for contractors and subcontractors, a well-designed electric panel, and so on.

Make sure you ask about these documentations and materials beforehand to finish the project with everything in your hands.

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