Bathrooms always have the potential to be a place of extreme squalor. Some—we’re looking at you public bathroomscan be just a straight up horrific experience to go to. Having a bathroom you actually want to go to then is a bit of a dream scenario. It’s like having the luxury lavatorial facilities of a five-star hotel within the confines of your home.

Bathrooms also age faster than other parts of your house because of damage from moisture, as well as the physical wear and tear of bathroom fittings. This makes them perhaps the part of the house that you will be remodeling the most, and thus, it’s important to get it right when you do. It saves you a lot of money in the long run.

Here are 7 dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling.

1. Make Sure You Do Your Homework

A bathroom remodel isn’t just something you do on a whim. It’s a major decision that you’re making about your home that’s going to affect you for a very long time.

Steer clear of colors that seem like fads. Being left with a garish bathroom two years in can elicit major feelings of regret. Also consider seeking the help of a consultant who knows about good material choices, as well as design. They can help transform your fledgling ideas into a full-scale project.

2. Make Your Bathroom Sustainable for Both You and the Environment

Flint, Michigan isn’t the only place with rampant water sanitation problems. Recently, attention was finally paid to similar issues in St. Joseph, Louisiana.

In any city with an aging water system, it’s always smart to invest in a “whole house water filter.” Some even say that they are a necessity. Just the peace of mind derived from knowing your family is showering with safe water makes this investment more than worth it.

Make Your Bathroom Sustainable for Both You and the Environment

3. Focus on Long-Lasting Self Care Improvements

A good custom showerhead or a well-wrought faucet can sometimes seem like extravagances where it’s better to just save a few bucks instead.

However, they are also the most important self-care changes you can make to your bathroom. Think of all the times you’ve taken a shower somewhere and raved about how the water pressure and wide showerhead made it such a lush experience. To make that your new normal is a one-time decision that you will never regret.

4.Invest in the Most Quality Labor

Not only do we suggest never to make a major bathroom remodel a DIY project, it’s imperative to only source someone who will go the extra mile for you. If something ever goes wrong with your bathroom remodel, the spillover (pun intended) affects your entire house and can cause major damage. You deserve a quality remodel that will function like it did the first day for its entire lifetime.

5. Never Skimp on the Quality of Key Materials

Just as with good labor, making sure you only use best materials for the pipes and tubing of your bathroom protects your home as well as you from unfortunate mishaps. It also makes your remodel a—hopefully—one-time procedure, as opposed to something that you’ll be returning to every month because of some fault or breakdown.


Bathroom remodels are an exciting undertaking. Let us handle the stressful parts of it! Contact us at (318) 393-7361 for any remaining questions that you have lingering in your mind.