Nothing beats the charm of having a personal library at home.

Here are some design suggestions to enhance the look!


If you’re going to have a library in the house, that can’t work without a bookcase. You may have amassed a fortune of cherished hard covers and rare classics over the years that you now want to display. It’s disrespectful to the written word to pack the books into cartons and leave them in the attic to rot. If you’ve found the love for reading, you’ll find a home for those beloved books as well. Customized shelves are what you need to store books in your libraries. The dimensions, numbers and design of those shelves and bookcases need to be tailored to your tastes and preferences to give it a personal touch.


You may have grown up believing that libraries are decimated places where the greatest works of literature are rotting in the dust. That’s hardly the case when you’re going to be designing your own library.

Regardless of the look you’re going for, you’ll need lighting to suffice the purpose: reading. If you’re not too fond of artificial lights, you can choose to get big window openings that face east so that you get enough lighting to read books in fine print. However, you’ll still need accent lights to highlight the interiors and design of the library. Be it hanging lights over your desk or lamps in the reading corner, your library needs to be illuminated sufficiently.


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If you’re a book nerd, the library will be your sanctuary. From delving into classics to enjoying popular contemporary literature, you‘ll do all that you wish for in that one room. This is why you need it to have enough room so that you can lounge there for hours and be comfortable. You’ll need all kinds of seating options like sofas, armchairs, ottomans and footstools. If you’re really investing effort in the interiors of your library, you might want to add a separately raised platform on the floor to dedicate the area to seating. This will enhance the look of your library to a high-end room.


What’s a home library without a desk? People have often dreamt of having a personal library at home and it at the desk in it and write. But they often give up on their dreams, thinking they’re too out of their league and unaffordable. However, our team of experts is willing to work tirelessly to design a library that’s both within your budget and appealing. With that said, a desk is a must. You may not find the right furniture in a store but a carpenter can always make customized furniture which is exactly according to your taste.

We offer handyman services and customized remodeling which allows us to create additional portions in your house. A library, thus, is not a far-fetched fantasy to dream of!