Whether you believe in zodiac signs or not, you have to admit that people of a certain zodiac sign tend to share certain major qualities. That does, in turn, affect your tastes too. We’ve come up with a guide covering each zodiac sign (you can find Part 1 of this blog here) and the qualities they would want in a home:


Leos are known to love being the center of attention; your home needs to have that same effect. Big, bold colors and unconventional furniture pieces are the way to go. Use statement pieces on the walls or to adorn your center table.


Simple yet stylish is a trait most individuals aim to achieve, but Virgos can pull it off without even trying. The dream home of a Virgo will definitely have neutral colors so that they can pull off any aesthetic they’re feeling at the time. Virgos are also inclined toward stylish and functional things. Incorporate smart storage ideas in your home.


This star sign is all about balance. Create balance in your life by creating an environment at home that’s peaceful. Keep the color palate light with pastels that are soothing to the eyes and welcoming to guests. You have to find the right balance between a calming environment and one that doesn’t get too bland. Get creative with art pieces, the walls, and furnishings too. However, don’t get carried away; make sure your space doesn’t get too crowded.

Zodiac Home Decor


Scorpios have the tendency to be quite posh, albeit unknowingly. They love their private spaces and don’t mind indulging themselves. Make sure your home reflects this personality trait—the one that loves to stay private and introspective. Add an element of mystery to your home too. Dark and unique colors with interesting accents are the way to go. Discreet storage options are a great way to keep your stuff away from others.


Being a natural extrovert, you probably don’t enjoy spending too much time at home. As a result, you might be averse to spending too much on your home. Luckily for you, you don’t necessarily have to spend big bucks to make your house into a home. Even a small space can be made your own with furniture and décor that speaks to you. When working with a small space, you need to think about having the bare necessities and then moving onto luxuries. Invest in pieces that perform multiple functions for your home.


Individuals born during these months are known to work smart and not hard. They just know the right amount of effort to put into a job. This also reflects in their use of space. The home of a Capricorn would ideally have sleek furniture that takes up less room and is multipurpose. They tend to prefer modern touches over more traditional ones.

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