Are you a socialite who often invites friends and family over for BBQ and drinks?

If social functions are a regular affair at your place, you’d need to remodel your house to suffice your needs as well. Seating your guests in the living room doesn’t always work because with food items like BBQ the real fun is to sip on wine while the chicken roasts over coal. And doing that indoors is impossible unless you want to set off your smoke alarms!

If your place isn’t big enough to have a garden, we can easily help you make a patio. It’s all about a designer’s vision and a carpenter’s expertise and you’ll get the patio of your dreams in your old house.

Here are a few architectural renovations that your house might need.

Pool Side Patio

When it comes to going an extra mile, there’s no limit to how extra you can get. If you’re already on the road to change, why not renovate the entire patio area and give it a touch of extravagance. There’s nothing better to make your patio more relaxing than having it by pool side.

With a fine glass of champagne, good company, some fun chatter and a pool in front of you, what more could you want. However, having a pool constructed is a major change and only the best must be entrusted with this task.

Remodeling Caddo Parish

Patio Kitchen For Food Parties

If you’re really into grilling chicken and steaks with the boys on your patio, you’ll need a small kitchen section to go with it. Outdoor kitchens follow particular designs and can’t be made the exact same way indoor kitchens are made. There’s gas pressure to manage and drainage options to devise. It’s a hassle to keep shuffling in and outdoors so it’s better to do all the sizzling and frying outside for more seamless parties.

Asian-Inspired Patio

This design is more suited to those who prefer to stay sedentary rather than being up and about. If you’re looking for something more relaxing and comfortable, Asian should be your style. It constitutes of a luxurious sitting area with comfortable seating, some patio furniture and preferably a swing to add a flourish.

If you want experts to handle this project, we’re here to help. We offer custom home building and remodeling services in Shreveport.