It may not seem like winter just yet here in Shreveport, but it is surely on its way! No matter what sort of cold-weather climate you live in, a few home maintenance chores can go a long way. You can protect your home from the elements and save some money on your energy bill too.

Here is a winter home checklist to help!

  • Clean the gutters – All the accumulated debris can end up clogging your home’s drainage systems which can cause water to backup or freeze.
  • Make sure your attic is properly insulated – The generally accepted standard for attic insulation is 12 inches.
  • Check for leaks – If warm air can get out, cold air can get in, which means you can waste energy and not feel as comfortable inside your home. You can caulk, upgrade your outlets, seal masonry, and use draft snakes to stop leaks at windows and doors.
  • Protect your A/C Unit – A little protection can help your unused air conditioning unit better withstand its off months. Drain the hoses to prevent freezing and clean up any water in the drain pan. You can also cover the unit to prevent water from entering during winter.
  • Change your furnace filters – Dirty filters can cause your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to become overworked.
  • Insulate your pipes – Garages and crawlspaces are prime spots for uninsulated pipes, which can burst in cold weather. Use foam rubber sleeves to wrap uninsulated pipes. This will also reduce heat loss.
  • Upgrade your windows –  Double and Triple-pane windows are the most energy efficient. You should also consider Low-Emissivity window glass. This glass is treated with a metallic coating that reflects heat, saves energy and cuts down on the UV rays that enter your home.
  • Change the flow on ceiling fans – Since heat rises, you can switch your ceiling fans to turn clockwise which in turn pushes the warm air downwards.
  • Update your alarms – Home winterizing time is a good time to change the batteries on smoke detectors. Check that your carbon monoxide detector is working, too, or install one if necessary.


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