One thing that kids always love is something new. A new dress, new shoes, a new toy or – even better – a NEW ROOM!

Dedicating a space in the house to studies and making it seem like an attractive recluse will act as the perfect bait for stubborn kids. Designing a study room that is against the dull and dreary atmosphere associated with study halls and libraries will do the deed.

Bright colors, aesthetically pleasing shelving, window designs and a tasteful study table can make a kid love study time.

Here are a few study room designs that’ll motivate kids to study.

A Big Window That Maximizes Natural Light

Especially when it comes to designing children’s rooms, it’s imperative to have plenty of natural light. A well-lit room is energizing and serves as the perfect motivation to study.

Don’t forget that the more formal the setting is, the lesser the interest will be. The more natural the lighting, the more motivated the children will be.

Shelves On The Sides To Keep The Books Out Of Sight

Shelves On The Sides To Keep The Books Out Of Sight

Fitting shelves on the side walls can save children from being overwhelmed by the hoard of books.

Shelving also allows stacking books neatly, in order. A messy pile of books looks shabby and stresses out children whenever they’re in the room. A cluttered workstation demotivates children from giving studies a chance. This is why shelves hold utmost importance in designing a study room.

Furnishing With Indoor Plants

Greens always have a calming effect on the senses. Having a symbol of nature within four walls can imitate the wild, making it look freer and more natural.

Plants are excellent air purifiers that keep the atmosphere fresh and clean. Splashing a bit of green in the concrete structure of the room can offer a break from the mundane setting. It can provide a refreshing change of scene just when your child gets fed up of studying.

Are you looking to make similar additions to the structure of your house? A carefully designed study room can give your child just the push he/she needs.

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