Around 172 million Americans celebrate Halloween every year. The holiday marks the change of the season and paves the way for the festive season that swiftly follows.

To say that Halloween is an exciting time would be an understatement! Kids and adults alike love donning spooky costumes. There are parties going on all over, kids going trick-or-treating, and much more.

This year, make sure your home is the spookiest of them all! We’ve come up with some of the best Halloween décor ideas for you:

Make the most of your fireplace and mantel

The fireplace and mantel tend to be forgotten until the festive period approaches. This year, incorporate the mantel place and fireplace when preparing your home for Halloween.

Buy real or fake pumpkins in different sizes and use them as décor around the fireplace and on the mantel. Paint these pumpkins in fun colors to match the aesthetic of your home. Rose gold pumpkins are quite popular, along with dual-colored pumpkins. Make the area more visually stunning by placing intricate masks and props on and around the pumpkins.

Place a stool with a large pumpkin on it in front of the fireplace. Place smaller pumpkins on either side of the floor. Do this only if you’re not yet using the fireplace.

Custom Home Remodeling for Halloween

A cobweb wreath

Autumn and festive wreaths are too common; have you ever thought of having a wreath made of cobwebs? You can easily make this wreath on your own with an embroidery ring. Paint the ring black and place a cobweb material in between the two pieces and lock it in place. Now glue on fake black spiders onto this cobweb wreath. Hang these around your home or even on the door for a spooky look.

Hang bats all around

Preparing Halloween décor on a budget isn’t difficult. To prepare hanging bats, all you need is some back paper, string, and clothing line clips. Cut out bat shapes and clip them onto the string. Hang this bunting around your home, across the walls, across the rooms, and even outdoors.

Fake spider infestation, maybe?

Halloween is the time for all fake reptiles and insects. Pick up a bunch of rubber spiders from a store near you and scatter them around your home. Make sure you remember where you’ve kept these spiders; otherwise months later, you’ll still find fake spiders that’ll surely make you jump!

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